Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lesson from Phiona

When I first saw the story of Phiona, I was  impressed. I personally don't know how to play chess. Never been interested, but the way they described chess in this video, I thought I might try out sometime. It's amazing to see the endless possibilities we have, and how some odd opportunities like chess.... I mean who would have thought that chess could change a young girls life?

I like the confidence in Phiona when she talks. One statement really resonated with me. "When I play chess, I am not afraid" I couldn't help but think about my life. Was there anything like Phiona that I could say with so much conviction that I was not afraid when I did?... There are so many things that I enjoy doing. I however like Phiona, want to stand and say;" When I write I am not afraid". There you go... "when I write I am not afraid" I like that!

If you like I are looking for that thing. It might be right at your finger tips. Phiona is honest with herself. She is not bragging, she just is. We have learnt to be modest about the gifts and talents we have. Well, this is not about the statement I made earlier about my writing. See.... I'm trying to be modest. Ok... lets try again... Yes, I am not afraid when I write. As I was saying, we've learnt to be humble about our gifts, even if it means throwing them in the bottomless pit, just to accommodate other people. Well, accommodate no more this year, and let that light shine. Whatever it is you know to do, do it! Share it with others too. If you don't like NY, you say it on national Tv. Lesson from Phiona... Be yourself and flaunt it for the glory of God.

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