Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A positive mental Attitude

I have a friend whom I have known for several years now. I was talking to him the other day and I just had to ask him what his secret for success was. The answer he gave me  just blew me away. He told me that he was naive into believing all things are possible. Talk about child like faith. His mother from an early age taught him to confess that he was the best and he could do anything in this world. He has done exactly that. I'm really proud of him today for the man he has become.

Most of us grew up hearing things like you will never amount to anything or can't you do anything right? and so on. If you grew up in this kind of environment, you think its normal and you don't  actually realize that those things get to you. You go about your life unaware that the little comments made by those who love you most, have affected your perspective of life and now you go about it fearful of not being able to achieve anything. The dreams you have are so big that sometimes you pinch yourself wondering who you think you are. At times you feel so tall in your comfort zone and are ready to unleash the giant within, then you get out to face the world and you shrink back because of the little voices that ask you "who do you think you are?"

The limitations we have put on ourselves and those from our well meaning relatives are really hard to overcome. Especially if like me you've had to fight to live a positive life. You believe there is something better and you pursue it, then you reach a point and you feel stuck because of the limits you've put on yourself. They say the sky is the limit, you feel deep down this is true but your reality tells a different story. You have stopped dreaming, you don't let your imagination run wild anymore because you are grown up, logical and life is not just like that. You see a gap that you might just be able to fill but you think somebody else should do it. The way you think, the ideas you have, the way you would execute those ideas, no one can do it that way. I realized we all have a part to play when I tried to ask my friends how they felt about certain issues in the world that have been such a burden for me. It did not bother them at all. I wanted them to care but they didn't, not because they don't care but because they have a different calling and gap to fill. That is my pain and my pain is my mission and my gap to fill.

After speaking with my friend, I realized I wasn't crazy for dreaming so big. I have sometimes felt naive but he told me that's the only way to change the world because naive people actually do not see the obstacles and limitations. When I said goodbye to my friend I was feeling so tall. I thought I could do anything. I survived in the tall mode for a few days and then I went right back to seriously... who do you think you are.? Then I rose up again and told myself that I can. I have a gap to fill, a mission to accomplish and a call to answer  and no one can do it they way I would because it's my personal pain.
A just man falls seven times but rises up again. So I'll keep rising until I reach that goal.

Because of my friend, today I am determined to change the world, even when I sometimes feel so small. I know I can make a difference. So the key to success is naivety and a positive mental attitude.

"I was naive enough to think I could make a difference" David Gest
"Every true genius is bound to be naive" Friedrich Schiller

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  1. If we didn't limit ourselves, we would reach our full potential. We would be who God created us to be. I share most of your thoughts and feelings on this post!